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Dolphin View Cottage, Ardersier

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Winter Solstice

Added on 21 December 2022

Happy Winter Solstice!
Today is the shortest day in the winter. As of tomorrow, we can look forward to daylight hours growing longer.

This photo was taken at Clava Cairns near Culloden, built around 2000BC, it's one of the most popular megalithic sites in Scotland with chambered cairns, standing stones and circles where the sun setting today will shine directly through the opening onto the back of the open rings.

For our Neolithic and Bronze age ancestors, these cairns acted as calendars and were very important so they knew the shortest day had arrived. Outlander fans will know these cairns as Craigh na Dun.

It's well worth a visit and only a few miles away from Dolphin View Cottage www.dolphinview.coClava Cairns near Culloden