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Dolphin View Cottage, Ardersier

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Dogs Welcome - After all, it's your dogs holiday too.

As dog owners ourselves, we only book holiday cottages where we can take our dogs with us.  We have in the past booked some places where dogs were 'tolerated' rather than welcomed or that were not really suitable for dogs - there's no peace of mind if you are fretting that your dog can jump over the fence, crawl through the gap or can't be safely walked from the premises.

So what makes Dolphin View Cottage so perfect for dog?  Well for a start, the gardens are enclosed - the rear garden is surrounded by a high wooden fence - 5'5" high at the lowest point, this garden also has a gate of the same height so you can open the cottage door and your dog(s) are in the back garden.  The front garden is also enclosed but has a lower wall, drive way gate and lower fence around.  If you don't open the rear garden gate, your escape artist can't get into this garden, but as the views from the cottage are over Ardersier Bay and the Black Isle, you don't want to cut off that view.  Next, the walking is great, you can walk from the cottage along safe pavements to the shore path and Ardersier Common, it's all level and well surfaced so good for dogs (and people) of all ages and abilities.

I provide an excellent selection of dog bowls, dog towels, and information on great nearby walks, and details of local vets - hopefully not needed.

We welcome up to three dogs free of charge, - we would like to welcome more, but the cottage and gardens are only suitable for up to three dogs due to size constraints, we don't want you or your dogs to feel cramped.  

All of the beaches in the area are dog-friendly all year round.