by Lynn Birch - 16:24 on 22 January 2023
A Special Offer. Book for 14 nights arriving Saturday 2nd September 2023 and save £100! ideal if you are travelling from further afield or if this is your first time in the area. There really is so much to see and do!
by Lynn Birch - 14:55 on 31 December 2022
The Caledonian canal runs from Inverness to Fort William and has some lovely walking sections along it. This is the Inverness/Clachnharry end where the canal meets the sea. The 60 mile long canal was built by Thomas Telford
by Lynn Birch - 11:44 on 21 December 2022
Happy Winter Solstice - Clava Cairns
by Lynn Birch - 19:38 on 17 December 2022
A Cairn on a cairn! Another walk that I really recommend is Meall Fuar-mhonaidh, which is just above Drumnadrochit. At 699m high it's not a huge hill but the views along the length of Loch Ness and looking over towards Foyers are really worth the effort
by Lynn Birch - 18:37 on 19 November 2022
if you find a stranded marine animal, time is of the essence. Please note these numbers to get help
by Lynn Birch - 15:07 on 11 November 2022
Dolphin View Cottage is now able to offer guests free entry into Fort George and the Regimental Museum for up to two people using the cottage annual pass. This represents a huge saving and opens up the fascinating ramparts and viewpoints that Fort George offers.
by Lynn Birch - 10:57 on 04 October 2022
Looking on the bright side, if we have had a lot of rain then the local waterfalls are going to be very spectacular! This is Plodda in normal conditions. The falls are 40m high and it's short but interesting walk of 2.5km. The Douglas Firs from this wood were used as masts for Captain Scott's ship The Discovery.
by Lynn Birch - 08:16 on 04 October 2022
This is one for steam enthusiasts, the train can be boarded at Aviemore and is a lovely dog-friendly experience.
by Lynn Birch - 09:39 on 26 September 2022
The Scottish crossbill is a chunky, thick-set finch with a large head and distinctive crossed mandibles they are highly adapted to feeding on seeds taken from native Scots pine cones, breaking into the cones with their strong beaks. They also feed on the seed cones of other commercially grown conifers including noble fir and Norwegian spruce. Males are crimson pink with grey wings and tail. Females are predominantly olive with yellowish under parts. They are the UK's only endemic bird species (ie one found nowhere else in the world) and is resident in the Highlands of Scotland. This female was photographed near Inverness but they are also to be found in Culbin Forest, Rothymurchus and other pine woods in the Highlands
by Lynn Birch - 13:27 on 13 September 2022
With the gently shelving pebble beach Ardersier bay is ideal for kitesurfers and windsurfers as is evidenced by the increasing number of people who arrive most weekends. Cars can be driven close to the beach so unloading and setting up a picnic is a doddle
by Lynn Birch - 19:21 on 11 September 2022
Winter is a special time to visit the Highlands of Scotland, although the days are short the nights are long, with little light pollution and clear skies there is so much to see for keen astronomers if you are lucky you may even get to see the Northern Lights/Aurora Borealis. The photo on this post is a photo I took a few years ago, the best red light strobes I have ever seen, usually we get the greenish ladies dancing. Dolphin View Cottage offers special offers of 9 nights for the price of 7 for holidays taken between the months of November and the end of February.
by Lynn Birch - 20:11 on 09 July 2022
Here are three of our Special Offers and Discounts.
by Lynn Birch - 20:07 on 02 July 2022
One of my favourite birds is the Northern Gannet, (Morus Bassanus) which is the largest European sea bird. The adults are very distinctive with their yellow heads, white body and black wing tips. The birds usually bond with monogamously for life. The female will lay a single egg, which is incubated under the highly vascularized webs of the feet (gannets do not have a brood patch). It will take between four and five years for the chick to gain the adult white plumage with black wing tips. Their wingspan is massive, between 165 and 180cm. Gannets have a lifespan of about 35 years but do have a high mortality rate as they can get caught up in fishing nets and drown. They can often be seen fishing off Whiteness beach between Fort George and Nairn or in the deeper channel of the Moray Firth.
by Lynn Birch - 20:20 on 29 June 2022
Taking a boat trip on the Moray Firth can be very rewarding, on a RIB trip from Lossiemouth we had great viewings of bottlenose dolphins.
by Unknown - 08:41 on 09 January 2022
Looking forward to seeing the daffodils at Brodie Castle
by Lynn Birch - 16:37 on 27 December 2021
Sunset over Ardersier highlighting the Kessock Bridge
by Lynn Birch - 19:43 on 24 October 2021
You rarely see what sort of feet coots have as they are usually very shy and swimming away, however, I was lucky enough to get a photo of this coot. Coots have lobed flaps of skin on the toes which act in the same way as webbed feet on other waterfowl. The palmate toes help push the coot through the water. What wonderfully weird feet!
by Lynn Birch - 07:54 on 02 October 2021
Turnstones – Anenaria interpres Turnstones are present in the Highlands all year numbers are boosted by birds from Northern Europe passing through in July and August and again in spring. Canadian and Greenland birds arrive in August and September and remain until April and May. Turnstones are smaller than a redshank and have a mottled appearance with brown or chestnut and black upperparts and brown and white or black and white head pattern, whilst their underparts are white and legs orange. They spend most of their time creeping and fluttering over rocks, picking out insects, crustaceans and molluscs from under stones. This one was photographed at Nairn river but they are frequently to be seen on the inner Moray Firth coastline.
by Lynn Birch - 14:46 on 19 September 2021
A lovely train journey from Inverness takes you round the Beauly Firth, past the Cromarty Firth and the Dornoch Firth the runs alongside the North sea. Fabulous views. A scenic day out.
by Lynn Birch - 18:23 on 29 November 2020
If you are interested in finding out more about your Highland or Family history then the Highland Archive Centre is going to be really useful in your quest. This new building, situated on Bught Road alongside the river Ness has over 6 miles of shelving holding records of the counties of Inverness-shire, Ross and Cromarty, Sutherland and Nairnshire. These records include Census returns, old parish records, education records, property records, poor relief records, Council minutes, Police archives, Tartan Archives, large scale Ordnance Survey maps along with many hundreds of collections from businesses, estate, church and family records. You can visit and check out their library which contains reference books and journals relating to Scottish families and Highland Clans – the opening days are Monday to Thursday. There is no charge to access the archive collections but donations are welcome to cover the running costs of the Archive Centre. The knowledgeable staff can offer a one-to-one consultation with a Family Historian for an hourly charge which will help your creation of a bespoke family tree. For more information, visit their website highlifehighland.com/archives-service
by Lynn Birch - 19:36 on 10 September 2020
New rules are coming into effect from Monday 14th September to try to stop the spread of Coronavirus. Only six people from a maximum of two households can meet indoors or outdoors.
by Lynn Birch - 09:27 on 30 August 2020
I took this photo in August 2020, who needs to fly off to the tropics when this is on our doorstep, icecream anyone?
by Lynn Birch - 15:31 on 28 June 2020
Good to Go Award
by Lynn Birch - 15:16 on 19 June 2020
Covid-19 changes
by Lynn Birch - 08:36 on 13 June 2020
Latest information about lifting the lockdown in Scotland - depending on the R Number.
by Lynn Birch - 10:09 on 18 March 2020
Corona Virus/Covid-19 18/3/2020
by Lynn Birch - 20:24 on 26 January 2020
Had a great day out at the Siberian Husky Club annual sled dog rally. Over 1000 dogs competing this year.
by Unknown - 19:06 on 24 May 2019
Just a 2 minute walk from Inverness Airport is a gem of a museum, some complete planes but mostly cockpits - some of which you can climb into.
by Lynn Birch - 20:22 on 10 February 2019
Well worth a visit to Merkinch Nature reserve, if you are patient and quiet you may spot Pierre the otter (one of a family of otters resident here). There are lovely carved seats to rest on, a path to Carnac Point and a memorial to the Kessock Ferry disaster in 1894 when the Kessock ferry got into trouble during a storm, three crew members drowned as did three coastguards who were trying to rescue the crew.
by Lynn Birch - 09:03 on 09 February 2019
Inverness Bught Park is to be the new home of the European Pipe Band Championships for the next three consecutive years. (2019 to 2021)
by Lynn Birch - 18:46 on 01 December 2018
Hamish gives the new stove a Cairn seal of approval.
by Lynn Birch - 16:22 on 09 September 2018
Dolphin View Cottage is getting a wood burning stove fitted on the 21st November 2018. Really looking forward to it, it will make the cottage so cosy and great for the cooler months. Don't have a picture yet but here is Hamish showing off another stove!
by Lynn Birch - 20:33 on 29 July 2018
First the race, then catch your terrier and the lure!
by Lynn Birch - 11:55 on 22 April 2018
Regular guests love the cottage so much they now have a huge canvas of the view from the cottage in their house. Lovely lighting and composition. Thank you for sharing.
by Lynn Birch - 20:05 on 02 February 2018
Inverness has a new visitor attraction. It is now possible to visit Inverness Castle Viewpoint. This is the newest visitor attraction in the city of Inverness and allows the visitor a 360 degree view of Inverness and the surrounding area. The tower is the highest part of Inverness Castle. On the way up the tower, you can stop off to view narrated drone footage that shows a birds-eye view of Inverness and landmarks. Another floor has a show about the Brahan Seer or you can learn about St Columba and the Loch Ness Monster.
by Lynn Birch - 09:22 on 17 September 2017
When going on holiday with your dog, please make sure your dog chip information is up to date and that your dog has your mobile telephone number on its collar. Just to be sure, Dolphin View Cottage in Ardersier has a supply of dog tags you can use with Lynn's mobile number on it to ensure a stress free and happy holiday
by Tollie Red Kite Centre Brahan near Dingwall Run in conjunction with the RSPB and Brahan Estate, the - 16:50 on 11 January 2017
Tollie Red Kite Centre Brahan near Dingwall Run in conjunction with the RSPB and Brahan Estate, the Red Kites are fed daily. Also Raven, Whitethroat, Osprey, Great Spotted Woodpecker. The red kites are fed daily at 1.30 in winter and 2.30 in summer. There is a visitor center with lots of information that is open 9 - 5.
by Lynn Birch - 20:46 on 12 July 2016
Highland Dog Blog is is a community based, social network for dog lovers who live in, and/or just love, the Highlands and Islands regions of Scotland. They do tremendous work, have created an excellent secure play area that can be booked so dogs can run off the lead and socialise. The Base Camp is a very welcoming place where you can pop in for a natter or check out the goodies for sale, proceeds of which go to Munlochy Animal Aid. The youtube video below is of their dog party held at Rosemarkie in June.
by Lynn Birch - 07:52 on 16 February 2016
I've put together a list of places that have been recommended to me as being dog friendly places to drop into. Please let me know if you know of other places that welcome dogs.
by Lynn Birch - 20:20 on 15 October 2015
A lovely ceremony, marching through Inverness, a drum head service in the Northern Meeting Park, then a parade. Lots of pipes, colours and a Shetland pony mascot called Cruachan IV
by Lynn Birch - 16:37 on 10 October 2015
Delighted to have had another Trip Advisor review. Dolphin View Cottage now has 10 reviews on Trip Advisor - all 5/5 so top rating. Thank you to Karen from Connecticut USA for the lovely review for her stay last month.
by Lynn Birch - 20:21 on 02 October 2015
Here is a gentle walk that will take you about an hour around the historical village of Ardersier.
by Unknown - 09:31 on 13 September 2015
Freedom of the Highlands ceremony will see 250 soldiers including pipers and drummers - and the regimental mascot, a Shetland pony called Cruachan IV.
by Unknown - 12:45 on 26 April 2015
7 different golf courses in seven days
by Lynn - 18:46 on 05 April 2015
Returning to Fort George the Highland Military Tattoo will be a spectacular event with a fly past from a RAF Typhoon, local, military and international acts and finishes with a dazzling firework display - within walking distance but far enough not to disturb the dogs.
by Unknown - 18:16 on 20 March 2015
Scotland's most scenic challenge on Saturday 25th April 2015
by Unknown - 16:31 on 26 February 2015
The Inverness ½ Marathon starts along the banks of the River Ness near the centre of Inverness, the Highland capital. It then follows the river, running beneath the dramatic outline of Inverness Castle. A warm welcome finally awaits all runners as they approach the finish line on entering the city’s Queen’s Park Stadium – achieved by over 3400 runners in 2014 and many others over the decades it has been staged.
by Unknown - 18:09 on 14 February 2015
The Inner Moray Firth and Cromarty Firth are designated as SPAs - Special Protection Areas. These areas support internationally important number of wintering birds. More than 30,000 wildfowl and waders are present in the Inner Moray Firth each year between October and March and a similar number in the Cromarty Firth.
by Unknown - 08:56 on 26 December 2014
Hamish is looking forward to greeting guests at Dolphin View Cottage, rehomed from the wonderful Inverness SSPCA we think he is mostly Cairn terrier but possibly some Scottish terrier in there too. Lovely friendly dog. This is his first walk with Mike
by Unknown - 14:15 on 14 November 2014
Red kites are fed daily at 1.30 in winter and 2.30 in summer, open all year. Tollie Red Kites is a partnership between RSPB Scotland and the Brahan Estate.
by Unknown - 20:33 on 08 November 2014
Ardersier Farmers Market now on second month and very popular
by Unknown - 14:26 on 03 November 2014
Great news, have arranged for BT to come on the 5th December to install broadband at the cottage so guests will be able to enjoy free WiFi. Also handy for me on changeover days
by Unknown - 19:33 on 23 October 2014
Just the thing to keep feet dry. The common is a great place to explore with lots of wildlife, the boardwalks make the paths far more accessible for everyone now to enjoy the nature reserve
by Unknown - 20:50 on 11 October 2014
Ardersier now has a monthly outdoor farmers market, held every second Saturday by the new Spar, lots of lovely stalls selling organic vegetables, soaps, plants and crafts
by Unknown - 15:57 on 22 September 2014
Paths round Ardersier have been improved to give better public access. The shoreline path from Ardersier has been extended to Fort George with new surfacing and raised walkways over boggy ground.
by Unknown - 19:19 on 07 August 2014
Moy Games Fair held the first Friday & Saturday in August each year is a great dog friendly day out. Some interesting events in the ring, gun dog handling, terrier racing, pet parade, fly fishing demos and here is the duck herding!
by Unknown - 09:47 on 30 June 2014
The Highlanders "4 Scots" Homecoming Parade in Inverness for Armed Forces Day. very stirring all those pipes, drums and kilts
by Unknown - 09:47 on 30 June 2014
The Highlanders "4 Scots" Homecoming Parade in Inverness for Armed Forces Day. very stirring all those pipes, drums and kilts
by Unknown - 08:34 on 29 June 2014
Lessons on how to toss the caber. Love the way the men run away. Not all heavy events have to be taken too seriously
by Unknown - 21:12 on 25 June 2014
From mid June to 17th September, Tug Kites will be travelling up from Ayrshire to do free kite displays at Nairn
by Unknown - 20:26 on 12 June 2014
Flybe is to start flights between Inverness and Dublin from 26 October 2014. The airline also said that it will be increasing its flights from the Highlands airport to Birmingham and Belfast City to six times a week. Also in October Flybe will by flying from London City to Inverness In April, Flybe announced that will start flights between Inverness and London City airports from October.
by Unknown - 17:52 on 13 May 2014
Fort George near Inverness will host Scotland's second largest military tattoo as part of Year of Homecoming 2014.
by Unknown - 20:19 on 12 May 2014
The Titanic Museum in Inverness is a family home that happens to have a home made model of the Titanic in the garden, along with a real lifeboat, a fishing boat and so much more. Inside it's a tardis with lots of rooms with Titanic posters, pictures, photos and facts. Well worth a visit.
by Unknown - 08:42 on 29 April 2014
This dog belonging to the captain of Avoch dolphin trips could spot dolphins before they broke the surface
by Unknown - 23:02 on 27 February 2014
Very good showing of the Northern Lights tonight.
by Unknown - 22:14 on 10 February 2014
Ideal for birdwatching or just a gentle stroll.
by Unknown - 10:06 on 11 January 2014
Inverness whisky festival, a tour of Inverness with whisky, food and music
by Unknown - 08:15 on 10 January 2014
Salmon fishing season starts on the 15th January
by Unknown - 14:34 on 14 December 2013
On a blustery, rainy day sometimes it is good to find indoor options, plenty of distilleries have really good visitor facilities and do excellent tours.
by Unknown - 18:33 on 06 December 2013
We have had a fall of snow but for some, it offers so much opportunity for play
by Unknown - 22:06 on 24 November 2013
Ardersier Boat club had the big launch today of Esther their hand built wooden skiff.
by Unknown - 07:41 on 15 November 2013
This is a lovely walk, good paths and a great view from the top of the Cromarty Firth and surrounding hills. Sometimes the smaller hills have the best viewpoints.
by Unknown - 19:18 on 10 November 2013
Just love autumn, the colours this year are just amazing
by Unknown - 08:55 on 15 October 2013
A Beach for all seasons. I love Nairn beach, miles of sand and dunes, here is a picture taken on 12th October 2013
by Unknown - 21:54 on 03 October 2013
It has taken a while but finally got a facebook page up. If you have photos taken whilst staying, feel free to send them and I'll share them. http://www.facebook.com/Dolphinviewcottage
by Unknown - 22:53 on 21 September 2013
The Whale and Dolphin Centre (WDC)have some really useful alerts via twitter and facebook
by Unknown - 18:13 on 03 September 2013
Inverness Airport named best small Scottish airport. Good to know it is so highly rated, especially with the links to Amsterdam, Luton, London Gatwick, Orkney, Shetland and the Western Isles. The cottage is less than 5 minutes away and on a bus route too.
by Unknown - 23:07 on 15 August 2013
The Nairn Highland Games are held the first Saturday after the 12th August.
by Unknown - 14:35 on 09 August 2013
Fly direct to Inverness with scheduled flights from Geneva, London Gatwick, Luton, Amsterdam, Western & Northern Isles.
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